Rádio a Ferro e Fogo Online



Tracklist: 1.Desecration of Virgin - Angel Corpse 2.The Laws of Scourge - Drowned 3.INRI - Satyricon 4.Nightmare - Lustful 5.The Black Vomit - Impaled Nazarene 6.Orgy of Flies - Impurity 7.Sex, Drinks and Metal - Exhumed 8.Satanas - Sex Trash 9.Christ's Death - Conqueror 10.Satanic Lust - Mystifier 11.Piercings - Under Threat 12.Satanas - Pathologic Noise 13.The Black Vomit - Black Witchery 14.Rotting - Lethal Curse 15.Christ's Death - E.S. Posthumous 16.Sex, Drinks and Metal - Descerebration 17.The God's Faces - Calvary Death 18.Nightmare - Mysteriis Download Now!

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