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About the Christian Despair 1999

1.Ave Mysteriis (Baphomet Signs) 04:31
2.A Song for Anu     03:42
3.Feeling the Ancient Hordes of the Abyss 06:13
4.Blasphemy Calls     04:09
5.The Valley of Triumphant     04:54
6.Nocturnal Celebration     04:24
7.Diabolical Cosmos Dimensions     06:30
8.Sobre O Desespero Cristão (Outro) 03:04


Fucking in the Name of God EP 2000

1.Proving the Reality of Purity 03:23
2.Fucking in the Name of God     05:42
3.Hysterical Zero Hymn     03:51
4.Die Christ     01:22
5.Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone cover) 06:27
6.Ave Mysteriis (Demo, Bonus Track)     03:49
7.A Song for Anu (Demo, Bonus Track)     03:49
8.Nocturnal Celebration (Demo, Bonus Track)     04:23
9.The Valley of Triumphant (Demo, Bonus Track)     05:10


Stigmati Diaboli - DCLXVI 2003

1.The Omen     03:05
2.Break the Cross 02:31
3.Wallachia's Fury 03:32
4.Gehennah     03:51
5.Book of Lies     02:44
6.Scorn with Own Blood     03:15
7.Marching and Bleeding 03:24
8.Evol (Luciferian Prelude) 03:52
9.The Time Has Come to End of the Age of Christianity 04:44
10.DCLXVI - Outro     00:26


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