Rádio a Ferro e Fogo Online


Indians... Not Brazilin Tribute To Anthrax


1. Intro (Dark Bullet)
2. In My World (Arena Age)
3. Indians (Blakk Market)
4. Refuse To Be Denied (Seeds Of Rock)
5. Soldiers Of Metal (Cellmys)
6. A.I.R (Abhorrent)
7. Caught In A Mosh (C.O.A) - Circle Of Agony
8. Gung Ho (Rhestus)
9. Crush (Br Nock)
10. Madhouse (Sharpen)
11. Only (Envoken)
12. Deathrider (Helltrucker)
13. Inside Out (Anger Inc.)
14. Lone Justice NFB (NFB)
15. Metal Thrashing Mad (Still Life)

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